IDTech offers a unique range of RFID enabled passes for event management. These passes can hold information about the pass holder, which can be modified, if need be. These passes can be used multiple times and from a distance but cannot be forged or duplicated. Each of these passes can assign a unique identification to an attendee or visitor. A combination of these features allows these passes to authenticate the visitors to an event, regulate entrance and streamline registration and crowd management at the event venue. These passes are also capable of facilitating the management of VIP access processing and provision of restricted area access at the venue. Use of these passes thus ensures the elimination of losses due to counterfeiting of tickets and reduced operation/laboring costs.

IDT-PASS1 is the first in the line-up of such RFID passes. It is waterproof, made up of plastic and has a thickness of 800 microns. It has diverse customization capabilities with full colour printing option available for both sides and a punched hole in its body. Among the advanced features it can boast of are sequential numbering, security foiling and a signature strip, which make it a truly unique and state-of-the-art-solution offered by our company.