IDWB02 is next in the catalogue of our unique and cost-effective RFID wristbands. It has nylon as its base material and comes equipped with a plastic dial. This wristband also has a comfortable lock feature consisting of a plastic, metallic or Velcro buckle, providing an easy-fit dimension to its body. Weighing just 7.18 gm, it is lightweight and manageable. Its size of 242 mm combined with its easy lock feature make it both agreeable and adequate for its users. This wristband can be manufactured using LF, HF and UHF RFID chips depending upon the required range and functionality. The reading range for this wristband is up to 10 cm for HF/LF, which can be extended to 8 m using an UHF RFID chip.


IDWB02 can be very useful for various events and the oil and gas industry. When used in the oil & gas industry, this RFID wristband can facilitate the management and visibility of assets and asset location with minimal human efforts and reduced costs. At events it can be used to regulate access and to streamline crowd management and transactions. Customer experience with this RFID wristband can be further enhanced by the customization and quality optimization which we offer.