IDWB07 is another RFID wristband from the line-up of wristbands IDTech has to offer on its latest catalogue. It has plastic as its base material. Weighing just 14.3 gm per piece, it is quite lightweight and manageable. With an oval shape and size of 45 mm, it is designed to fit the needs of elegance and convenience for its users. This wristband can be manufactured using LF, HF and UHF RFID chips depending upon the required range and functionality. The reading range for this wristband is up to 10 cm for HF/LF, which can be extended to 8 m using an RFID chip which is meant for UHF functionality.

This RFID wristband can be put to various uses at conferences or in the oil & gas industry. Copies of the wristband can be provided to the participants, which will then be read or interrogated by RFID readers installed at the event venue. Used in this fashion, IDWB07 is immensely useful in event management, right from regulating access to visitors to streamlining crowd management and branding at the conference venue. When used in the oil & gas industry, this RFID wristband can facilitate the management and visibility of assets and asset location with minimal human efforts and reduced costs.